Encounters Products Corp (EPC) & Encounters Electronics (ECC) have been working in Silicon Rubber, P+R industry for over 40 years. Our head quarter is based in Taipei, Taiwan.

We specialize in varies types and forms of Keypads, Silicone Rubber Products , Plastic products , Remote Control Devises, Components of Automobiles, Aviation Headsets & Aviation Related products.

In order to provide customized service, we have our own ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO TS16949 certified factory and production lines to handle with mass productions. Meanwhile, Our well- experienced Service team is here to work closely with you. You can fully count on us with your requirements and orders.

For more information and ODM, OEM inquiry, please visit us on http://www.encountersproducts.com
or you can also write to us through e-mail: